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About Sam & Ian

H.I. We are Sam and Ian Hardesty. A husband and wife duo, photographer and videographer based out of Ohio. We capture couples who are best friends first and spouse’s second. Your love is so true for each other and that's what we love capturing! (Yes, it may be cheesy but it's true!) We can see the joy you have for each other in your eyes. 

Even after years of capturing weddings, one thing we always look forward to is the cake (or pie or cupcakes or ice cream- really all the deserts). We live in our late grandparents home of 60 years with our two cats, Vesper & Stormy. In our spare time, Ian plays guitar and wood works and Sam likes to read and watch movies. 

Our style is bright, colorful and fun! We are sure to not only include the basics in your wedding photo and videos, we also add in some documentary, candid and funny ones too! We want you to remember your day for how it was, not just by the formal or posed times.

We started in the wedding industry by accidently videographing our cousins wedding- from here, we got numerous referrals. We later added photography. That's right, we actually started doing videos before photos. This has helped create great movement prompts for our couples. We have both a videographer and a photographer’s eye. Choosing a photo & video team from the same company is a huge game changer for the Day of. We work together all the time so we have a plan before we get into the day. We know where each other will be, there is no miscommunication.
We strive for great customer service. You deserve someone that doesn't treat you like a transaction. Whether you have questions about what outfit to your engagement photoshoot, Day of timeline questions or just need to vent/have a therapy session, we are here for it all! We are low stress, high vibes kind of people. 

You will see us cry during the ceremony, dance behind the cameras at the reception and have heartfelt goodbyes at the end of the night. We are full time small business owners that love what we do!

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