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Small businesses don’t have the same resources as many of their competitors, but without a strong online presence or a way to develop one, they don’t have a chance of reaching the next level in their growth. Step focuses on small business in Ohio to provide professional web design at rates that are small-business-budget friendly. Our goal is to offer the best website design services at great prices.

What We Offer

Web Design

We create beautiful, professional and customized websites to meet your specifications and needs.

Responsive Design

Our websites are created with multiple devices in mind from the very beginning.

Site Architecture

We create websites that follow an intuitive structural flow to create an easy-to-navigate experience.

Content Creation

We help to create professional content that is truly representative of your company’s mission and purpose.


We optimize your site to climb the ranks in the search engine results list.


We create your website with a sharp focus on bringing value to your business.



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